1. Our Constitutional government with three, co-equal, branches that provide checks and balances to abuses of power.
  2. The Rule of Law – where elected officials of every party have the integrity to respect the Constitution and the Laws of our County and who will enforce those laws regardless of whether they affect members of their own party.
  3. A government that is fiscally responsible & everyone pays their fair share.
  4. A government that does not engage in torture & honors international treaties.
  5. Elected officials who uphold their oath of office and:
    • Respect America’s values of inclusion, diversity, humanity and equality of all
    • Believe in protecting democratic institutions in the U.S. and throughout the world
  6. A Free Press.
  7. Every citizen’s right:
    • To vote and to be free from restrictions that impede voter registration and their exercise of the right to vote.
    • to affordable health care.
    • To be free from discrimination based on religion, national origin, color, sexual orientation, or gender.
    • To a public education – including tuition free College.
    • To organize, join and be a member of a labor union.
  8. Every woman’s right:
    • To equal pay for equal work.
    • To make decisions about her own body and health free from government interference.
  9. Our immigrant heritage & admitting refugees and asylum-seekers into the US to seek a better life.
  10. A fair tax system where those with the highest incomes & wealth share in the expenses of our government commensurate with their means.
  11. Reasonable gun control to protect everyone.
  12. Legislation to:
    • Overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.
    • Require public disclosure of the names of all individuals who donate to political causes and political candidates and the amounts of their donations.


  1. Republican efforts to disenfranchise voters, to make it difficult for citizens to register to vote, and more difficult for them to cast their votes.
  2. Republican efforts to take away health care from Americans.
  3. Republican efforts to dismantle controls over Wall Street that will jeopardize Main Street for all Americans.
  4. Republican efforts to privatize Social Security, Medicare, Healthcare and Education.
  5. Republicans who refused to investigate the corruption in the Trump Administration.
  6. The Trump Administrations’ ties to the Russians and murderous world leaders and the Administration’s efforts to obstruct Robert Mueller’s investigation.
  7. Trump and the Republican efforts to subvert the purpose of the 2020 census of an accurate enumeration of every person in the county for political leverage to reduce representation from areas and states that are more Democratic-leaning and disproportionately enlarge representation of Republican-leaning areas and states.
  8. Trump’s authoritarian Executive Orders & particularly his Muslim Ban, his coddling of white supremacists and murderous dictators, his diversion of public funds to benefit him financially, his total disrespect for the rule of law and America’s judicial system, and the Republican Party’s “silent complicit consent” to all of these.