An Invitation to ALL Local Democrats

Now, more than ever, our Country needs you. We have a President, Vice-President and Republican-Controlled Senate and House of Representatives ignoring your Constitutional rights, focused on dismantling public education, health care, union rights, women’s rights and free speech.

Republicans in Congress, like Chris Collins, both support President Trump’s message of fear and bigotry and ignore his conflict-of-interest corruption, his anti-American Muslim ban, his incitement of anti-Semitic elements in our society, and his apparent collusion with Russia during the election campaign.

As a committed voter, you know the importance of citizen participation in the electoral process.  As a registered Democrat who recognizes the importance of voting, we need your help by becoming active in the Amherst Democratic Committee and a VOTING in every election.

The Committee is looking for people who are interested, willing and able to help our Democratic candidates get elected.  Our primary responsibility is to help endorsed candidates win by:

1. Getting Petitions signed

2. Attend monthly meetings

3. Volunteer placing yard signs, work phone banks and help with mailings

4. Participate in fundraising activities

Your reward is making Amherst a better place to live, work and raise in family.

Come and join us!  Let’s “Remove and Replace” Republicans with Democrats in every Town and County office this 2017 to send a message to Washington!


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