Get Out and VOTE on November 7

This year, be sure to vote and get your relatives, friends and neighbor to vote on November 7.

Democratic values are values of inclusion, values of humanitarian concern for our citizens and our neighbors and respect for the law and belief that our government is here to serve all of its citizens – not just the rich and powerful.

Trump’s values are not Amherst’s values.  We need to show our Democratic values at the polls in November.

Here are some reasons why we must vote for Democrats on November 7.

The Republican-controlled Congress has demonstrated a complete lack of humanity toward American citizens with repeated efforts to repeal ObamaCare and the President’s current efforts to dismantle the healthcare system so that it fails.  Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

The Trump has deep support from the local Western New York Republicans including Congressman Chris Collins and Republican County Chairman Nick Langworthy.  Both were very early supporters of Trump and are in lock-step with the President’s divisive agenda.  After President Trump equated neo-Nazi demonstrators, one of whom killed a 32-year old woman in Charolettesville, Virginia, with those who opposed White Supremacists and the Neo-Nazi’s, Congressman Collins and County GOP Chair Langworthy stood by him.

Right now, the Republican Congress and President Trump are trying to sell a “massive tax give-away” to the wealthiest Americans (including President Trump, his millionaire/billionaire Cabinet members, & Chris Collins) and raising the income tax rate on the poorest Americans as a “tax reform” bill.  It is not tax reform:   It is GOP greed. It is fiscally  irresponsible.  It will harm Americans on Main Street.

Send a message to Washington this November by sending Republicans home.

We need Democratic leaders in government because they will be fiscally responsible, will be accountable to the people, will protect your investment in our community and will allow responsible development only.  Let’s elect Democrats to our Town and County Government offices.

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