Message from the Chairman

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Chairman’s Message:


Democrats dedicated to public service are needed!


Welcome 2015 as your year for better local government.  This year, we elect our representatives in Town, Village, and County government.  I want to talk about some of them.


Erie County Government:


Erie County residents are lucky to have Democrat Mark Poloncarz as County Executive.  He strong leadership and commitment to Democratic values brings a better government to Erie County residents.  County Executive Poloncarz is up for re-election to another term as County Executive.


Democrat Thomas Loughran, our legislator from the 5th Legislative District that encompasses most, but not all, of Amherst, is seeking re-election this year.


The Legislative seat for the 6th Legislative District [northeast Amherst, Clarence and Newstead] is held by a third-generation local Republican dynastic family member whose name is easily recognizable but whose contributions to our community are not.  That needs to change this year.  Residents of the 6th Legislative District deserve a representative who holds our Democratic values of public service.


Town of Amherst Government:


We need two Democratic candidates for Amherst Town Board to fill vacancies that will be created when Democrat Mark Manna and Republican Guy Marlette leave office at the end of their term-limited tenure on the Town Board.  We are looking for two strong Democratic candidates.


We need a Democratic Town Clerk candidate to replace the current Republican Town Clerk.


We need a Democratic Town Highway Superintendent candidate to bring strong leadership in a town department that has been gradually declining at the hands of the Town’s Republican majority.  A Democratic Highway Superintendent, with the support of a Democratic majority on the Town Board, can and will do much better.


We need a Democratic Town Justice candidate to replace the current four-term Republican Town Justice.


If you are a committed Democrat and hold Democratic values of public service, we need you.  Contact me, Jerry Schad, at or by phone at 716-445-0842 (cell), if you are, or might be, interested in running for office in 2015.  We need you.