Message from the Chairman

Jerry's PicChairman


The Election on November 7 is approaching fast.

It is time to start focusing on our future.  That means we need to remind our friends and family that the most important asset they have is their “vote” on November 7.

If you or they will be absent from Amherst on November 7, be sure to apply for an absentee ballot and cast your vote.

Brian Kulpa, candidate to be Amherst Supervisor, is an experienced leader as Mayor of the Village of Williamsville and he is also an architect and planning expert.  He will protect your investment in our community.  He will make government accountable.  He will support responsible development only and protect green space.

Shawn Lavin and Jacqueline Berger are running for the two open spots on the Amherst Town Board and are part of the Democratic team that will deliver responsible and responsive government for you.

Let’s also remember to re-elect the first woman Amherst Town Justice, Kara Buscaglia, to a second term.  Justice Buscaglia has been an outstanding jurist during her first term on the bench.  We need her to continue to serve.

For those in Amherst in the Erie County 5th Legislative District, let’s re-elect Thomas Loughran.  He has served Amherst well and we need him working for Amherst for another 2-year term.