Message from the Chairman

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Chairman’s Message:

Democrats dedicated to public service are needed!

We have elected committee dedicated leaders in the Town, Village, and County government.  I want to talk about some of them.

Erie County Government:

Erie County residents are lucky to have Democrat Mark Poloncarz as County Executive.  He strong leadership and commitment to Democratic values brings a better government to Erie County residents.

John Flynn was elected in 2016 to be Erie County’s District Attorney and he has brought integrity and leadership that we needed in that office.

Democrat Thomas Loughran, our legislator from the 5th Legislative District that encompasses most, but not all, of Amherst, is seeking re-election this year.  Tom has served our community well and we will work to help him continue in that post.

The Legislative seat for the 6th Legislative District [northeast Amherst, Clarence and Newstead] is held by a third-generation local Republican dynastic family member whose name is easily recognizable but whose contributions to our community are not.  That needs to change this year.  Residents of the 6th Legislative District deserve a representative who holds our Democratic values of public service, rather than someone holding Trump-Republican values.

Village of Williamsville:

Village Mayor Brian Kulpa, a life-long Democrat, has announced his candidacy to become Amherst’s next Supervisor.  While our endorsements have not yet been made, it is no secret that the Mayor has a long list of accomplishments in the Village.  His initiatives have improved the fabric of the Village in many ways.  I am happy to see a committed and talented candidate like Mayor Kulpa stepping forward to offer to serve a wider community.

Town of Amherst Government:

We have a Democratic majority on the  Amherst Town Board that has refocused government on the needs and will of the residents of Amherst.  We hope to elect two strong Democratic candidates to the Town Board and a Democratic Supervisor to lead us in building a better neighborhood-friendly community.

We need to retain Amherst Town Justice Kara Buscaglia for another term as one of our two Town Justices.  Judge Buscaglia has demonstrated the finest qualities of a hard-working fair-minded jurist and we are proud to support her for another term.

If you are a committed Democrat and hold Democratic values of public service, we need you.  Contact me, Jerry Schad, at or by phone at 716-445-0842 (cell).  We need you.

Opposition to the Trump-Pence Administration and Republican Congress:

The level of anxiety created by actions of President Trump and the Republican-controlled Senate and House of Representatives can be felt everywhere.  The “Muslim Ban,” Trump’s catering to anti-Semitic elements in our society, the Republican efforts to take health care away from millions of Americans [the Republicans have no “replacement” only sketchy ideas of “coupons” for the poor for unaffordable future health insurance coverage], the Executive Orders and planned legislation to dismantle environmental regulations are only a few of disasters events occurring because of the November 2016 election outcome.

Trump has been a wake-up call to citizens that you can’t take your democracy for granted. Trump won the Electoral Vote.  Americans chose his opponent, Hillary Clinton, by almost 3,000,000 votes.  Trump and his millionaire and billionaire friends do not represent the hard-working Americans of this country.  They certainly don’t share our Democratic values.  President Trump and Vice-President Pence reject the Statute of Liberty’s motto to “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”  I personally believe in that message.  We must stand together to restore this message to the rest of the world as a core value in our government.

Your democracy is something you have to help protect from those who are now in power and who want to dismantle it.  The ever-present smoke of some sort of Russian influence over the Trump Administration – and the Republican Senate and House Leaders strenuous efforts to look the other way and help Trump hide the facts – will not be resolved if we don’t fight for the truth.

The First Amendment rights to free speech and a free press are being attacked by an American President.  The Congress is doing nothing to protect our constitutional balance of power among the three branches of government.  In fact, Congress and the President are working to undermine the integrity of our American institutions.

Get involved.  If you have a smart phone, download, the “Countable” app and keep tabs on your Congressman and your Senators.  Keep reminding them that they work for your — not some billionaire friend of Donald Trump.

We are working on improving our website and hope to have more information to share with you in the near future.