Message from the Chairman

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Chairman’s Message:


We are proud of all of our Democratic candidates in this year’s elections.  Each worked hard and fought for our Democratic values.


We are happy for the outright victories of Kara Buscaglia for Amherst Town Justice and Thomas Loughran for his re-election to the Erie County Legislature in the 5th District.


We are cautiously optimistic at the apparent win by Ramona Popowich for the Amherst Town Board.  The Town Board races still remain too close to call, but Ramona is holding on to a solid lead for the second of two contested seats on the Board.  We will not know the outcome of the Town Board race until over 1,100 absentee ballots are counted at the Board of Elections.


While candidate Tricia Dunne remains a possible winner, she would have to make up significant ground to win. Only if both Ramona and Tricia made significant gains would it be possible to edge out incumbent Republican flip-flopper Seven Sanders who was the top vote getter among the council candidates.  We will have to wait to see as the final results when they come in.


The Erie County Board of Elections has scheduled the final canvas to begin on November 20 with the counting of absentee ballots scheduled for November 19.


Mark Manna ran an outstanding campaign against Republican Supervisor Barry Weinstein who managed, again, to pull out a victory in spite of every indication that voters should soundly reject him.  Mark remains on the Town Board for another two years and we expect that he will have the support of another Democrat to help re-direct the Town Board to be more responsive to Amherst residents.


Alan Getter, our candidate for the Erie County Legislature in the 6th District, although not prevailing, has reminded Republican Legislator Ed Rath that he will have to keep looking over his shoulder because voters will be removing him from office yet.


I also want to thank Erie County Democratic Chairman, Jeremy Zellner, who provided a huge amount of resources and unending support to our Democratic team of candidates.  Without his help, would could not have achieved these results.  We are lucky to have such a dedicated true-to-the-core Democratic leader like Jeremy in our corner.


Enjoy your upcoming Thanksgiving.  And, remember that your local Amherst Democratic Committee is always looking for true Democrats who are willing to fight for our progressive Democratic values.  If you are one of those people, contact me at and get involved.